Blockchain-based Games Would Likely Become a Basic in the Gaming Industry by 2020

Various blockchain-based games were revealed at G-Star, Global Game Exhibition 2019 held at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center from Nov. 14 to 17, which concluded with the statistically-backed case, that blockchain Games would likely become mainstream by the end of 2020, beating entry barriers like mandatory cryptocurrency wallets, and technical difficulties such as slow information processing.

Blockchain accelerator and one of the event attendees, Hashed stated:

Blockchain technology will realize potentials to create games comparable to the League of Legends and the Battlegrounds. The Dota All-Stars created in the mode of Warcraft III that allows users to develop games led to the League of Legends and the Battlegrounds is the first that adopted certain game mode systems, which means games created by users resulted in the sensations.

On November 14, the Korea Blockchain Contents Association also held the Blockchain and Games seminar at the venue.

Apart from issues on entry problems faced by gaming companies that were being dealt via technological progress, many companies expressed concerns about issues regarding the Game Rating and Administration Committee’s refusal of classification rating related to the Infinity Star blockchain game.

In Japan, a non-fungible token item applied to a blockchain game is not regarded as a cryptocurrency,

stated Double Jump, a Japanese blockchain game business. The participants declared that such rules should be addressed as soon as possible in South Korea, as well.

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