Makes Available IntoTheBlock Analytics Makes Available IntoTheBlock Analytics

IntoTheBlock or ITB is an intelligence company that uses statistical modeling and machine learning to deliver intelligence for crypto assets. The ITB strongly believes that crypto is a new asset class with new fundamentals, so understanding the asset class requires a new type of analysis. The main aim of ITB is to produce new insights that will reveal new intelligence about the crypto markets. It also indulges in a comprehensive approach towards a crypto asset by analyzing multiple on-chain and off-chain factors.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, you must have heard of It is a cryptocurrency wallet and a crypto exchange that supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Ethereum. It provides statistics, data charts, and market information relating to BTC. Its cryptocurrency exchange was launched in July 2019. To date, has created more than 52 million wallets and has over USD 620 billion worth of transactions. It is the most experienced provider of crypto products. The Explorer is regarded as an industry reference, and starting August 18, 2020, all users of will experience a brand new change.

They will be able to access ITB’s essential indicators in the Explorer and on the price page of each crypto asset. When you visit the Explorer, you will encounter a series of charts, statistics, and raw data related to Blockchain. It has made the numero uno destination for all enthusiasts of cryptocurrency. The IntoTheBlock’s Token Summary can be found in the price page of any crypto asset. Suppose you are interested in deep analysis. In that case, the user will be redirected to the InToTheBlock platform, which has a portfolio of more than 60 intelligent signals about the crypto assets.

Both and InToTheBlock are very excited about this new partnership. These two trusted brands of the crypto world are committed to working towards the common goal of providing intelligence to crypto investors.