Bullionix is Set to Drive New Minting User Experience With Chainlink

Bullionix is Set to Drive New Minting User Experience With Chainlink

The management board of Bullionix excitedly announced the scheduled collaboration with Chainlink VRF to drive the latest upgrade of the platform of distribution of the company’s gold-backed NFTs. Chainlink VRF shall be employed for the supply of randomness to the interface that offers a coin-flip type of user experience. This interface is designed for the determination of the appearance of the Bullionix NFTs of the special edition. This will contribute to the addition of a new dimension to the minting process and enthuse the users to expand their portfolio of NFTs by the collection of the entire set of coins.

The recent development is a follow-through of the previous integration between the gold price feed of Chainlink and GoldLink education hub. The next step to be taken by the company would be to inject the NFT space with fun and exciting collectibles secured by real-world financial resources. The first feature would be an animated version of flipping a coin, complete with unique designs, during the minting of a new NFT. It is upon Chainlink VRF to determine whether the coin will land with heads or tails.

The randomness solution, Chainlink VRF, is mainly designed for the implementation of smart contracts. The solution provides smart contracts with easily-integrated and provably good randomness that cannot be tampered either by unauthorized parties or even by the developers of the minting platform. Moreover, there is also a facility for the assessment of the result of every random input by users on-chain for proving the fair outcome of the coin flip.

Powered by Chainlink VRF, Bullionix NFTs are not only backed by real-world assets but also guaranteed by robust securities, concerning the generation of the appearance of NFTs and the results of their actions. According to the Head of Chainlink Business Development, Dan Kochis, Bullionix had already been at the forefront with NFTs backed by real-world assets. So, the interface driven by Chainlink VRF will undoubtedly add a new dimension of progress to their product.

Jesse Johnson, the Creator of Bullionix, also said that Chainlink VRF is the ideal mechanism for the infusion of gamified delights into the platform of Bullionix while securing the outcome, and making the whole process highly trustworthy and transparent. Bullionix also plans to proceed to work in partnership with Chainlink oracles to expand the NFT space with more active NFTs.