Cryptohopper Makes Trading a lot Easier to Trade on Binance


Cryptohopper is an online bot software for trading crypto coins. The software watches out for the graphs and trade indicators and decides the right time to make a trade. Moreover, the software aims to acquire more Bitcoin by trading Bitcoin with another coin at a lower rate and selling back to get more profit.


Trading can be manually possible on cryptocurrency trades like Binance, yet a trading bot like Cryptohopper can make things significantly simpler for the trader. One of the advantages of allowing a bot is that it can trade day and night. Cryptohopper can relate to different exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex, Huobi Pro, Kucoin, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken, to name a few.


  • Cryptohopper enables traders to evade pressure, rest, and emotion from the trading procedure. It exclusively depends on technical analysis to execute trades and has a customized trading approach.
  • The two important features of Cryptohopper are that the robot enables its clients to subscribe to external signal to pursue or configure a personal methodology to pursue or to pursue both.
  • Cryptohopper can be associated with 75 different coins and nine noteworthy exchanges, which include Binance, Binance.US, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, and Poloniex.

Interfacing Cryptohopper with Binance

To connect, the user needs to open an account with Cryptohopper and on the Binance exchange. By this, the user would then be able to connect Cryptohopper with Binance. The crypto coins will always stay on Binance; however, the trader is permitting Cryptohopper to execute trades on Binance on behalf of them.

Getting started with Cryptohopper

When the trader wants to start trading on Cryptohopper, they need to have Bitcoin or different coins like Ethereum on Binance. This is the main requirement to start with Cryptohopper. Moreover, Binance offers 0.1 percent on all trades, making it the least expensive exchange that is supported by Cryptohopper. Few other exchanges like Poloniex charge 0.15 percent and Coinbase Pro charge 0.25 percent.

Steps involved in Opening a Binance account

There are few steps to be followed if the trader wants to open an account in Binance. Stepwise procedures are given below:

  • The initial step would be signing in on Binance. The link for API can be found on the Account page. At that point, select API Setting.
  • An API key is a code that comprises of two sections. One will be the regular API key and the second would be the secret API key. The user should make sure that nobody knows the keys, particularly the secret API key.
  • The user needs to select a name for the API key so that later on, the user can effectively observe which API keys have been created. The user needs to select Create new key.
  • Later, a confirmation email will be sent. The email contains guidelines on how to build the API key.
  • The email received has a link with which the user can create the API key. The user needs to select Confirm Create.
  • Now, the API key has been created; however, the user should immediately make a note and save the secret key. This should be done because the secret key will not be invisible on Binance after it was created. If the user loses the secret key, they can always create another API key and can be connected to the hopper.
  • After entering the two API keys on the hopper screen, select Save and the first hopper had been created. After this step, the user is ready to start trading with Cryptohopper and Binance.
  • The trader can see in the upper right corner of the dashboard how much BTC is invested, Total BTC returns, and Total BTC in resources on exchange. This will show zero; after a while, the details will be updated on hopper and Binance. The updated balance of BTC (Bitcoin) and hopper can be seen in less than 15 minutes.
  • Prior proceeding, the trader should first go for Subscriptions. First, the trader can see the Cryptohopper has been initiated with a trial account, which is free for the initial seven days. After the trial, the trader can decide whether they want to continue using Cryptohopper with a paid account.
  • The most important step is that securing the Cryptohopper account by empowering Two Factor Authentication, additionally called 2FA. This is a code that shows up on the cell phone using an app.

Difficulty in Viewing the Exchange Balance

There are a few things that block the Cryptohopper from synchronizing the funds of the exchange. Almost in every case, the browser is ”auto-fill” enabled. This implies the browser fills in certain text fields automatically. Besides, another thing that could keep Cryptohopper from synchronizing is password managers, which should be disabled.

Wrap Up

Cryptohopper makes trading a lot easier. If the right steps are followed, then trading in Cryptohopper is a child’s play. Even though several cryptocurrency trading bots are currently accessible, Cryptohopper gives lots of services to its traders for a hassle-free experience in trading.

Create an account in less than a minute and start trading automatically with Cryptohopper by clicking here!