Atomars Exchange to List Ardor Cryptocurrency on Its Platform

The popular and intelligible cryptocurrency exchange, Atomars, has recently announced the listing of Ardor (ARDR) on its platform.

Ardor will be joining the growing bandwagon of 81 coins and 241 trading pairs of the exchange. The exchange already has Bitcoin, Etthereum, XRP, Litecoin, and numerous other digital coins on its list along with various stablecoins. The most dynamic trading pair of exchange is BTC/USDT. The trading pair ARDR/ETH and ARDR/BTC will be available from November 6.

In the growing market of BaaS, Ardor is the newest entrant. Ardor is meant for those businesses that need to develop their services on top of it as it is a scalable chain. To these companies, Ardor provides a parent chain and they can develop child blockchain.

It is an energy-efficient BaaS that can provide solutions to some of the core issues of blockchain-like versatility, bloating, and scalability. These features of Ardor have made it extensively popular among the businesses as it allows to build blockchain application without the necessity of extensive coding. 

Ardor blockchain was developed by the Ardor development team and is based on NXT. Although NXT has struggled a lot for mass adoption, developers of Ardor are quite hopeful about it. Ardor has a lot of possibilities to take blockchain services to a new level in terms of usability and accessibility. It can also facilitate the easy exchange of tokens on various chains. 

The Ardor coin, ARDR, is created on the platform of NXT. Users can expect high returns from this and can prove to be advantageous compared to its competitors. The coin is built in a way that all transactions are returned to the parental chain. This has increased the information processing speed along with boundless scalability. 

Previously, ARDR faced a huge spike in January last year; as a result, its market got bit tampered. However, by the conclusion of 2018, the market picked up again. The study of token value shows that it has similarities with Bitcoin and other crypto coins. As per the expert views, the rise in the price of the coin may have taken place due to the announcement of two ICOs or maybe because of the launch of the Chinese language version.

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