Ethereum Dominated By Bears; Can it Make a Turnaround of Present Bearish Run?

Ethereum was priced at $193.83 on 26-Aug-19 with its movement being bullish. For the next two days, the trend for the coin was more or less maintained without any drastic drop in the price. However, since 17:40 UTC on 28-Aug-19 there was a very sharp fall and price of the ETH coin fell as low as $167.98 at 18:15 UTC. Since then, again the Ethereum has been moving at almost the same price with a marginal rise as per today’s figures. We anticipates that the Ethereum will be able to get back its control on the bulls by tomorrow.

ETH price analysis is as mentioned below:

By comparing the price of Ethereum since the time, it reached a high of $193.83 on 26-Aug-19 at 00:20 UTC and the present price, the ETH coin indicates a bearish run by 13.22%.

From the Ethereum News, We anticipate that ETH coin should gain some pace and start rising upwards from tomorrow onwards. After about a week or so the Ethereum price can rise to the level of $180.

MACD indicator also highlights that ETH is at present, showing a bearish run. After a day or two, coin is expected to gain some momentum and prices can reach as high as $180 by next week. However, it might take couple of months for the coin to reach as high as $300 since it will have to maintain its consistent performance from today’s price.

Ethereum Price Chart