OceanEx Unveils New Payment Project, OceanEx Pay

OceanEx Unveils New Payment Project, OceanEx Pay

Working as a powerful digital asset exchange studded with the Artificial Intelligence excellence, OceanEx has announced the launch news of its highly-anticipated project, OceanEx Pay. Launched on September 11th, 2020, OceanEx Pay is a payment solution that aids customers use OceanEx as a custodian and accept crypto assets. The team took to its official twitter handle to circulate the news in the sector and stated:

The exchange team is keen to reap the benefits of being the early participants in the crypto payment industry. OceanEx Pay will offer secure, transparent, and reliable crypto payment settlements for its investors. The secured custodian services, multi-currency facilitation, and strict resistance to money laundering are some of the new system’s best offerings. The existing OceanEx users can use the solution directly through their registered accounts on the network without signing up on the new portal.

As per the report, OceanEx Pay employs OceanEx’s native crypto custodian solution security, OceanVault, that helps safeguard the digital assets of business entities. The payment network will support more than 50 tokens as payment options for the customers. This will streamline the payment exchange process from users to any currency supported by the OceanEx exchange. The channel’s AML services will protect the customers from interacting with malicious crypto addresses and users. The merchants can access OceanEx Pay through API to accept crypto payments from payment orders. The portal provides crowdsourcing based API service that assures the credibility of addresses and gives information about hacking and scams related to addresses.

The Benefits of OceanEx Pay For Merchants

  • OceanEx can be accessed via API instantly, thereby saving time for the merchants conveniently. The crypto payment option will be infused quickly.
  • It will help the merchants work in the global market space making the payment portal accessible to all.
  • The portal charges no fee from merchants to accept crypto payments and from customers for making payments. They need to pay the withdrawal fee as prescribed by the exchange.
  • The one-time-use payment address feature for each order helps the merchants to manage orders and scrutinize accounts.

The team is willing to strengthen and expand operations for both OceanEx and VeChain portals in the coming years. With an increase in the merchants, the payment system can also support more tokens of the VeChain community.