Klever Launches Update Version 4.0.6 for Fans

Klever Launches Update Version 4.0.6 for Fans

Leading P2P crypto wallet solution supporting top-rated assets, Klever has introduced its highly-anticipated 4.0.6 Upgrade in the system.

About Litecoin, DigiByte, DogeCoin, and Dash

DigiByte is a unique blockchain project designed in 2013 that aspires to promote decentralization in its true essence. The DGB coin boasts a market cap of more than 381M USD and grabs the 42nd spot in the market. Klever and DigiByte Foundation are working together to facilitate the infusion on Digi-ID on Klever along with support for digital assets.

Working as the 29th biggest cryptocurrency, Dash came into existence in 2014 as a fork of Litecoin. It has a market cap of over 651M USD. Dash aspires to bring the unbanked under the banking net with its services.

Featuring the popular Shiba Inu on its logo, DogeCoin is a crypto project launched as a fork form Litecoin. Created in 2013, the currency rules as the 5th most used network in the market. The native currency DOGE has a market cap of 336M USD and grabs the 46th spot.

Launched in 2011, Litecoin is the seventh most used blockchain in the industry. It’s native currency, LTC, shines as the tenth biggest crypto project with a market cap of 3B USD. The coin was created to present a less cumbersome version of Bitcoin.

Wrapped BTC and ETH in Klever

The Klever team has launched Klever ETH (KETH) and Klever BTC (KBTC) for its users as part of the new upgradation. Both the coins are TRC10 tokens that will help users to transfer/swap their holdings quickly. The transactions will be fueled by the TRON blockchain’s exemplary services, including free cost transfers through the free network bandwidth.

USDT-ETH Swap pairs

This feature will allow quick and secured swaps to and from USDT-TRON and USDT-ETH tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. The ETH-powered USDT-Tether pair is a prominent name in the crypto exchange network and amongst users. The pair includes nearly 66% of all USDT assets in circulation and boasts of a market cap of more than 10B USD on the roll.

Buy Crypto with Credit Card & Bank Transfer

Klever’s partnership with UK-based Transak Finance firm will offer a revolutionary fiat-on ramp studded with low fee charges. The integration will give the investors a fair chance to use Klever directly with fiat currencies channelized through multiple payment modes like bank transfers and credit cards. This partnership will serve users from more than 60 nations globally. Transak is a renowned name in the finance industry and offers liquidity options for over 300 crypto assets.

Changed Browser Home Page Design

The newly-included tiles and bookmarks will allow the users to explore the multiple platforms available on the Klever website in a single click. You can go to different fields like Travel, Earn, Buy crypto, News, Explorers, Exchange, History, and Favorites seamlessly. The new design is aimed to offer a reliable, secured, and smart interface for users and trusted gateway channels.