KuCoin Launches Global OTC Merchant Recruitment Program

OTC Merchant Recruitment Launched By KuCoin

To serve users better with ongoing liquidity on the trading desk, KuCoin has launched the global OTC Merchant Recruitment Program. Through this KuCoin is inviting global merchants to be a part of this program and take advantage of the benefits offered. 

The KuCoin OTC is an information service platform that works as a mediator offering users with digital assets and legal tender transaction services. It provides services for merchants to get settled on a platform. 

There are various benefits of becoming a KuCoin OTC Merchant. The OTC Merchants get 24-hour customer care service to help the settled merchants on the platform improve transaction efficiency. The merchants don’t have to pay the transaction fee on advertisements. To resolve queries regarding orders the merchants are provided with professional and legal support services. Apart from this, there are many more benefits that are coming up.    

To know more about the rules of the settlement of KuCoin OTC Merchants, the users are advised to go through the module via https://bit.ly/2IuvniK