The Litecoin Project has announced that it has begun to work with Grin++ developer David Burket as it aims to add MimbleWimble support to Litecoin network. The announcement was made by the Litecoin founder and executive director Charlie Lee on Twitter. 

MimbleWimble is a procedure change which will allow a few advantages most significantly for the confidential transactions also known as CT, and non-interactive coin joins. Those who have decided to use MW on Litecoin can keep their transaction values concealed. The transaction values can get mixed among other network members who may make it tough for third parties to monitor and log activity. Grin++ is a branch of the Grin, the original MimbleWimble procedure. According to the projects github, it has strong focus on maintaining speed, consistency, security, modularity, and greater scalability along with the key upstream branch. 

The main motto of MW will be to offer a great inclusive fix to the fungabilty issues. Regarding this, Lee opines that it is something which remains missing from Litecoin & Bitcoin. By taking a plunge into MW, it seems the entire team is seeking to kill two birds with one stone. By making use of extension blocks or EB, the team would also witness a network capacity boost. However, it is not sure as of now that how the team will set it. 

Burkett immediately arrived on the scene and offered his services soon after talks over sluggish MW progress. He immediately replied to the announcement and thanked Lee, saying that he was looking forward to working together to introduce financial privacy to everyone. He also clarified his intentions in his blog post saying, he is merely a crypto-anarchist. He said that he utilizes his idle time in the development of a substitute node and wallet for Grin. He divulged that his sole ambition is to create financial privacy for all. He also said that he would love to see MimbleWimble on Bitcoin. And, the next and obvious step should be to get MW added to Litecoin. In return to Burkett’s work, Lee has offered a 1.5 BTC donation to the Grin++ security audit as a gesture of support. He thanked those developers who pioneered the MimbleWimble protocol.

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