Blockchain Scalability Solution Provider Hubii Joins EEA


Hubii becomes the associate of EEA as per the report surfaced on September 15. It is the company that worked as a driving force for the development of Nahmii scaling solution of Ethereum. EEA is supported by the largest developer community of the world, and it is the organization for enterprise blockchain for users around the world.

After participating in EEA, Hubii will work along with industry leaders for Ethereum based business solutions. They will work mainly on open source architecture and open standards.

Jacobo Toll-Messia, the CEO of Hubii, has told they are happy to join EEA. It will offer Hubii the reserves required to grow Nahmii into a top-notch scaling solution for Ethereum blockchain so that the technology becomes beneficial for everyone.

Nahmii is created on Ethereum blockchain, thus inherits basic security features from it. It is a scaling solution that is focused on commerce. Its advanced scripting offers interoperability amid various blockchain. For the creation of scalable infrastructure, the DLT platform should have low transaction fees, fast settlement time, and low latency.

The largest community of developers backs EEA; it is a participant-driven standard organization that works on blockchain specifications. The associates of EEA comes from different industries like legal, banking, technology and energy, healthcare, government, insurance, marketing, and pharmaceuticals from different parts of the planet.

The technical and special interest group of EEAs is responsible for analyzing the market requirements to create the new version of EEA specifications. This, in turn, helps in escalating the promotion categories that can be sheltered by the specs.

Presently, the alliance has many members which include some of the major market players like Cisco, VMware, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys, FedEx, Microsoft, Santander, JP Morgan, Hyperledger, Intel, and others.

Nahmii will be officially launched by Hubii management in a blockchain event in Oslo at Microsoft Norway headquarters. It is to be noted here that Microsoft Azure powers Nahmii.

The chief of Hubii has said that functioning with Microsoft will provide with Nahmii the required exposure that is desirable to become a best blockchain scalable solution. The upcoming event will provide them with a fantastic chance to demonstrate the power of Nahmii to the existing customer of Microsoft. The launching event will be a significant overthrow for Hubii.