The MainNet Crypto Wallet is Live Now: Elrond Network

The MainNet Crypto Wallet is Live Now: Elrond Network

Today, the Elrond network shared a tweet, ‘The Mainnet wallet is live!’

The official launch of the Elrond Mainnet wallet took place today. With this launch, Elrond economics has changed drastically. eGLD is the updated native Elrond token now and 1 eGLD equals 1000 old ERDs. The users can receive and send eGLD to and from any mainnet wallet, extremely fast with low costs. This launch also unveils the Genesis Staking delegation rewards while making them available for you.

Currently, ERC20 or BEP2 ERD tokens are not compatible with this wallet, so it is not possible to send these to mainnet wallets. The token swapping will be available from the first week of September this year. This newly launched mainnet wallet is fast, reliable, and quick to set up.

In general, an Elrond wallet is a Crypto wallet where you can store, receive, and transfer the Elrond tokens securely while interacting with Elrond dapps. And, the network provides you a complete secure system. Unlike internet banking, where your account and money are controlled by others, Elrond mainnet wallet allows you to be in incharge of everything. Plus, there is no rule set on how to use it, you can do it in your own way while paying 100 times lower fees as compared to internet banking.

To ensure complete security of your wallet, Elrond provides the complete control of funds, transactions, and passwords in your hands. That means they don’t own any sort of access to these entities. Only you can initiate, reverse, refund, or cancel transactions. All-in-all, this Elrond mainnet wallet is a next-generation crypto wallet that is extremely scalable as per the user’s requirements.

Undoubtedly, this is a big step taken by the Elrond network in the work of Crypto. Everyone in the team is hoping it will be a success in the near future. Give it a try here!