GreenPass Releases Blockstack-Enabled App with Enhanced Security Features

GreenPass Releases Blockstack-Enabled App with Enhanced Security Features

In its continued efforts toward fighting COVID-19, GreenPass has released an updated version of the app powered by Blockstack, giving its users more login options with improved security and increased privacy.

GreenPass is a mobile app designed specifically to curb the spread of coronavirus infection at the community level. The app allows users to input their health data and track it further to ensure they are safe from the coronavirus.

The app provides users a more secure experience when it comes to protecting sensitive information like their health data and privacy. The app functions on decentralized identity, distributed storage, and verifiable credentials.

Data that users need to share with the app include their COVID-19 status, body temperature, and geo-location (which is totally voluntary). The app then uses this data to track if a user is infected or not, which users get to know about with the color of the QR code appearing on their mobile screen. A green QR means they are safe, a yellow QR means they need to be careful and isolate themselves, and a red QR means they should seek immediate treatment.

Blockstack, an open-source blockchain network for building decentralized apps and smart contracts, continuously provides support to independent apps. Its integration with the GreenPass app will not only speed up their efforts toward fighting COVID-19 but also protect user data from being exploited.

GreenPass is committed to mitigating COVID-19 cases while protecting user data privacy. At a time when maintaining distance is the foremost advisory, it becomes necessary for people to have contactless access control at public places like offices, schools, airports, and many more, and the GreenPass app does it very well.