The NULS Mainnet Swap Function Closes by 21st March

NULS Mainnet to Close Their Swap Function on March 21, 2020

After the launch of NULS2.0 on September 12, 2019, the NULS team re-opened the NULS mainnet swapping function in conformity with their policies to reduce the probability of loss.

As per the plan, the ongoing swap function of the NULS mainnet will end on March 21, 2020, The members of the NULS community who have not completed swapping, are advised to complete it before the closure. Requests made after March 21, 2020, will not be taken into consideration. And the remaining, relevant ERC20 tokens will be donated to the NULS Community Fund.

The NULS core team has provided certain instructions which are to be noted;  

After the successful submission of the swapping application, the community member will get a unique ETH recycling address. The users are advised to remember this recycling address as it will be required for the transfer of the original NULS tokens after the swapping starts. In the meantime, after the transfer procedure ends the new mainnet NULS coin will be transferred to the submitted NULS address.

To ensure the safety of their assets, the users are advised to identify the recycling address that belongs to them. The community members are warned not to trust others that have offered self-identified recycling addresses via email, telegram, etc. In case if you have not received the NULS address within 24hours after the transfer, it is advised to save the transfer screenshot and other related information. The community members can contact to report the issues. 

As per the swapping rules, if the swap is transferred now, a 1% service fee will be charged. The NULS token that is not swapped by March 21, 2020, will be further donated to the NULS Foundation.

Once the transfer procedure is complete, one can re-submit the NULS address to have a look at the transfer records of the account, including the transfer status, quantity and time of the transfer. 

Presently, the NULS has already launched a blockchain-building product named “Chain Factory” which is available to anyone for a limited time period, meanwhile, users can build a blockchain network on this platform. The primary agenda of Chain Factory is to assist anyone to build a blockchain at a low rate. It aims to discard technical barriers of blockchain and along with that provide access to better-quality third-party services which makes it a cost-effective platform for its users. NULS has been showing steady growth. With the launch of Chain Factory, the team hopes that this new endeavor will gain much popularity in the near future.