Energy Web Foundation and Minna Denryoku Finish Off the Blockchain Test for Japanese Renewable Energy Markets

Energy Web Foundation and Minna Denryoku Finish Blockchain Test

Energy Web Foundation and Minna Denryoku Co. Ltd. together have consummated a blockchain joint test for renewable energy markets of Japan.

Minden employed Energy Web Chain’s architecture and performance along with EW Origin SDKs or software development toolkits to evaluate and benchmark its private Enection 2.0. Election 2.0 is a platform based on blockchain that was inaugurated in 2018’s December in order to unify sales of retail electricity and EACs or energy attribute certificates to promote green energy. The Enection 2.0 runs over the NEM blockchain right now.

Energy Web Foundation is a nonprofit institution that aspires to promote and institutionalize an electricity system with a low-carbon and customer-centric approach. It is doing so by unearthing the blockchain potential and various other similar technologies.

EWF aims at creating core infrastructure as well as shared technology, accelerating the dependence on commercial solutions while establishing a community that implements it. EWF is also known to have grown the largest ecosystem for energy blockchain consisting of utilities, renewable energy developers, grid operators, corporate energy buyers, and others.

The project Minden-EWF was primarily run in 2019. It employed the original generation data that came from 16 renewable assets across Japan, such as solar PV, hydro, wind, and biomass. It also employed one month of demand data of 30-minute from 13 customers of real energy.

Micha Roon, the chief technology officer for EW, said that

Micha Roon Says

The experience of Minden assured the EW Origin SDKs’ agility, while also giving key insights on EWF into broadening the adaption of SDKs within the business and meeting the regulatory requirements of Japan’s market. In 2016, the electricity markets of Japan went through considerable deregulation that spruced up retail choices for residential as well as corporate customers.

Renewable energy demand meanwhile is on a consistent rise amongst the customers from Japan.

Linden was founded in 2011 and is an innovative startup focused on energy and aiming to bridge the gap that exists between this retail choice and increasing demand for green energy, by clubbing sales of electricity with the sales of EACs.

Seiya Miyake, chief operating officer of Minden, said,

EWF’s Energy Web Chain was the first open-source platform as an enterprise blockchain of the world customized for the energy sector. The EWF’s technology strategy has thrived since it’s opening to have decentralized Operating systems for the Energy Web or EW-DOS. It is a blockchain-plus suite amongst the decentralized products and services.