Zilliqa Offers NFTs as Giveaways to Users Via Twitter Contest

Zilliqa Offers NFTs as Giveaways to Users Via Twitter Contest

In celebration of its 3rd anniversary, the high-throughput public blockchain platform Zilliqa is giving users a chance to win its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through a 48-hour Twitter contest. The contest will run by 10 PM SGT on August 1, 2020.

Zilliqa, however, cleared that these are limited-edition cards with ten copies. Twitter users need to follow the below-mentioned steps to grab that:

  1. Visit Zilliqa’s Twitter page @zilliqa.
  2. Retweet Zilliqa’s NFT design tweets with the hashtags #ZilliqaNFT #ZIL3 @MintableApp.
  3. Users will be eligible to receive only one design card even if they have retweeted multiple NFT designs.
  4. Zilliqa will then announce ten winners for every card.
  5. Each winner will then need to provide Zilliqa with their ZilPay wallet address.
  6. Zilliqa will finally send them the NFT along with instructions about redeeming them for commodities.

NFTs are uniquely designed tradable digital cards and are powered by the newly launched NFT marketplace of the dApp Mintable. Zilliqa further explains that each design card carries a value equivalent to a redeemable item on the Zilliqa Merch Store.

Let’s have a look at these design cards along with their initial and current value:

  • GodZilliqa Card

Initial Value: A t-shirt of Zilliqa

Current Value: A Zilliqa silver stainless travel cup

  • Card 2 dedicated to CZ, Binance CEO

Initial Value: A crewneck Zilliqa sweatshirt

Current Value: A backpack of Zilliqa

  • ScillaMan Card

Initial Value: A silver stainless travel cup of Zilliqa

Current Value: A  beer stein of Zilliqa or a polo t-shirt

  • DeFi City Card

Initial Value: A baseball cap of Zilliqa or pom pom beanie

Current Value: A polo t-shirt or a beer stein of Zilliqa

The value of NFTs for a redeemable item from the merch store will fluctuate over two weeks, that users will get to know about via a live-video weekly draw based on a coin toss, where heads will indicate an increase while tails a decrease.