A Next-Generation Exchange Platform, Bitfineon, Obtains a Million Euro Seeding for its Launch


Bitfineon GmbH has recently successfully obtained a seed funding of 1 million euro for launching its next-generation crypto and fiat exchange, Bitfineon, via B.I.G Fintech, LP which is a USA based private equity sales fund. Bitfineon itself is a popular crypto financial services company that is based in Germany and its next-generation Bitfineon with the obtained seeding will be working focused on providing crypto to crypto trading, fiat services. Upon obtaining the huge seeding, Bitfineon CEO, Jared Grays ecstatically stated that his company is very happy to be partnering with B.I.G Fintech, LP. He praised the company as the strong advocates of the digital currency space and thanked them for seeing the potential of the tech his company has built for Bitfineon.

He further continued to share his views behind launching Bitfineon as a regulated and licensed entity and emphasized that his company’s aim is to enrich the crypto space with a transparent and secure exchange. With a focus on user experiences; while intending to help in increasing the adoption of crypto through their intuitive and easy to use user interface, as per NameCoinNews. He even spilled the beans on Neutrino, a groundbreaking machine engine technology, created by Bitfineon that took 13 months to be developed.

Neutrino will ensure Bitfineon to rise swiftly as well as efficiently while utilizing the power of concurrent GPU processing to assist in delivering a seamless trading experience for its platform users. In order to reward its users, Bitfineon will be equivalently distributing crypto-currency ALQO (ticker: XLQ) under many rewards programs, especially its sharepool program. This particular, Bitfineon, program provides its user participants who locks their XLQ on the exchange collected from their eligible pairs, a share of 50% of the trading fees. In every 24 hours, Bitfineon user participants will be able to participate in this sharepool program by locking their XLQ.