Tron Price Analysis: Tron Continues to be Dominated by the Bears, can it make a Turn-Around Any Soon?


Let us compare the current trading price of TRX with the trading price from the past five days. The price of the coin was $0.014333 as on 7-Sep-19 at 01:30 UTC and Tron had a bearish momentum throughout. Post the said date, there was no fall in price and the coin managed to reach a high at $0.01693 in the said time period. However, it was not able to maintain its performance at this level and gradually started to decline. Since yesterday, Tron has started to decline rapidly without any major rise as such.

TRX price evaluation is as mentioned below:

TRX price evaluation


Latest Market Statistics:

  • The current trading price of the coin is $0.014764 and the Market cap of TRX is $990,735,604 (at the given time).
  • 24-hour volume of Tron at the given time is $535,371,290.
  • 66,682,072,191 TRX coins are being circulated.
  • Tron offers a return of 622.03%.

TRX Comparison and Prediction for the Long Term:

By comparing the current trading price of the coin from the highest of the said time frame which was $0.016193 on 8-Sep-19, the coin indicates a bearish trend by 9%.

We anticipate that the bearish run may continue for Tron even tomorrow as there is no superficial movement in the whole market as of now. It may also trade in the range of $0.014786 and $0.156347 in this month.

The CMF indicator also points that Tron is presently moving downwards. Today, Tron may trade in the range of $0.014383 and $0.014989. Tron has all the potential to reach newer price marks by the end of the year. Over the past one week, TRX has seen several ups and downs and despite the rise in prices, it was not able to maintain its consistent performance for a short-term hence, advisable to trade in the coin from a long-term.