Ethereum Price Shows Almost 5% Hike in the Last Week


ETH coin was priced at $169.66 on September 07, 2019. It started to rise upwards post the said date and reached $184.67 on September 09, 2019, at 11:20 UTC. Ethereum has been traded at the same pace after that day. Despite few falls in between, the coin still has managed to maintain its efficiency as there has not been any drastic fall in the ETH price.

ETH to USD Price Comparison

ETH to USD Price Comparison

Ethereum Price Prediction

If we compare the current price of the ETH coin with the price as on 7th September when it was priced at $169.66 at 00:05 UTC, the coin indicates a bullish run by almost 5%.

We anticipate that the same momentum will continue for Ethereum and it can reach to its next resistance of $178.07 by tomorrow. It may be traded in the range of $176.15 and $178.99 in the coming few weeks.

As per the current movement, you can get considerable returns by selling the old coins. MACD indicator points that the coin is at present, reflecting an upward rise. The number of coins being traded seems to be on the verge of being overbought again today. If you can retain the new coins for a long-term, then it can yield very good profits.