Aerospace Sector of NASA also Heads Towards Bringing Advancement in their Technology through Blockchain

All the industries are warming up towards implementing blockchain technology and so has NASA. Blockchain technology has become the hottest and latest advancement in the field of technology because of which aerospace sector of NASA is working things out on how they can implement it. They have plans for upgrading their next-generation systems. Blockchain will be used in securing services and maintenance that control air traffic. It was stated by the aero-computer engineer, Ronald J. Reisman who works at NASA that the organization will work with a ‘Hyperledger Fabric’ which is a Blockchain framework that has open source permission. These platforms have been developed particularly for enterprise affairs that are in favor of stereotypical air traffic management interactivity.

When the communication system runs on the blockchain platform, it will provide guidance on the air-traffic control system of the US in preventing parody as well as a contradiction of service attacks. It would even solve the privacy problem. Some more features are being offered by the open source framework like, it supports smart contract, certificate authority and offer communication medium that is high-bandwidth. This high-bandwidth medium will help with private data which can be utilized to securely communicate between all the particular aircraft and all specific authorized person.

There is a system that is underway known as the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system. However, there are a number of possible problems with this system as the positions of the airlines, and the flight plans are not protected. The system is going to be launched in 2020, yet it is believed that ADS-B might be in danger of getting attacked. All these possible attacks can other issues can be resolved with the help of Blockchain. Along with NASA, many other organizations are planning to implement blockchain to resolve all the issues faced by the aerospace division. Honeywell which is the largest aircraft spare parts manufacturer is already making use of Blockchain.

They have built a website where you can buy their products online, and it is blockchain-based. A new website owned by them was launched recently where they sold aerospace parts. When they decided to make use of blockchain, they believed that blockchain has much more things to offers when it comes to aerospace parts marketing.