Atari Enters Metaverse with a Crypto Casino

Atari Enters Metaverse with a Crypto Casino

Atari is set to enter the Metaverse a year after it struck a lease agreement with Decentraland. The venture relates to establishing a crypto casino inside the Vegas City district of Decentraland.

It is a significant step for Atari and the entire gambling industry.

The virtual gambling venue of Atari will accept multiple fungible tokens, including MANA and the Atari Token, both being available at all the major crypto exchange platforms.

Atari’s Metaverse will also feature Atari Dex, its decentralized exchange, where holders will be allowed to swap different pairs of tokens. Other operators can also use the Atari Token as it has smart contract security that enables simple applications based on blockchain technology.

The industry is affected every time Atari suffers. The operator carries with it relevant historical facts that speak the same tone.

What once was the most dominant player in the industry came crashing down after investing huge amounts in several licensed games like Pac-Man. These resulted in poorly converted copies that broke the players’ confidence who wanted to engage with the content.

The downfall of Atari was followed by a recession of two years that began in 1983.

Things have changed, and the power of Metaverse backs Atari with the security of the lease agreement that it closed with Decentraland in March 2021.

Games that Atari plans to offer to its customers include Slots and Tables. To be more specific, players will be able to enjoy the experience of Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat, among many other games.

Keno is another prevailing trend in the gambling space and players can earn bonuses and rewards at some of the top Bitcoin keno sites.

Atari has plans to develop a virtual hotel that will support its announcement of the physical chain.

Online casinos have struggled to make their mark amid the conflict about whether they should be legalized. When online casinos introduced cryptocurrency, the argument became too obvious, with the community losing its hopes.

Metaverse appears to be the answer to all the problems now.

More players are expected to enter the Metaverse. The sale of virtual real estate reached over $500 million in 2021. Sales are estimated to grow at 31% on a year-to-year basis by the end of 2028.

More gambling establishments could find some space in the Metaverse, making it more interesting for players and finding a solution to the problems they otherwise face in the real world.

Products offered by metaverse gambling spots are far more innovative than the websites. A strong forecast only fuels the industry’s growth further for a better bottom line for developers and operators.