Bearish Dominance Continues for Litecoin (LTC); Next Support to Look for $44.12

On December 01, Litecoin marked a 5.63% hike and reached $48.29 from $45.72. On the next day, LTC’s price was dropped by 5.39%, with the coin reaching $45.42. Then, in the next two days, $43.92 has been the lowest value for the coin. With a very sharp rise, Litecoin price moved to $46.98 before dropping again.

Litecoin Price Prediction

Currently, Litecoin price is on the slight recovery, but if we compare its current price with the price on December 04, LTC exhibits a downtrend of 5.14%. The currency might fall further as per the trend and reach its immediate support of $44.12. However, it exhibits signs of slight recovery, and hence, Litecoin price may be able to pick up the pace and reach $46.21.

We would strongly advise to enter into the trade as per the trend noticed to gain near-term profit. The bears have dominated LTC over the past five days except for the first two days. On December 4, 2019, Litecoin price surged, but it was temporary.

Litecoin Price

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