Bitcoin (BTC)—A Clear Store of Value is Maximally Bullish

Bitcoin (BTC) News

Bitcoin price continues to trade above $26k after the most strengthened bygone weekend when it marked a fresh All-Time High above $28k. It was just before the time of penning down this article when the price of BTC was seen crashing close to $26k and had it lacked active support, the price was likely to dip even further, but the intraday bulls gripped stronger than the bears. In this regard, BTC got saved from clinging back to trading below $26k support.

Bitcoin has been gradually rising since October 2020 and has strengthened from the YTD bottom of $3.6k to an All-Time High of $28.3k. Bitcoin is a clear example of a store of value, and with an amplifying price bracket, the amount of money invested will fetch a massive return, and that is how the trade volumes are likely to take a turn as per our Bitcoin price prediction. This incentivizes the savings and is a clear motivator tool to invest the savings and gain handsomely when the bulls grip.

On the other hand, the fiat system and the local bank interests are not even near to fetching half the gains that Bitcoin has done this year. With this, there is a massive transition from holding minimal transactions back in 2017 to Bitcoin transactions getting macro with its fresh ATH in 2020. It was back in the year when macro or micro, and everyone had a chance to invest more with less and gain massively as the Bitcoin lovers and crypto veterans definitely predicted this Bull Run.

It is true that investors will never be enough of investing in BTC, and it was back in the day when traditional investors undertook $10k as a big amount. Now, when the price doubles, it will look even costlier for the potential and, on the other hand, a little skeptical investor. But if you are looking to invest in Bitcoin and want to make a good profit from Bitcoin then you must check out Bitcoin Robots. It can help you to make a massive profit from Bitcoin trading.