Blockchain Experts Welcomed in the Scientific Advisory Council

Blockchain Experts Welcomed in the Scientific Advisory Council

Blockchain expert Dr. Patrick Brecht was recently appointed as a transport expert in the scientific advisory council (SAC) as per the reports released on behalf of the council. The International Refrigerated Transportation Association or the IRTA board recently identified the need for an expert to support the members’ operational inquiries related to IRTA. Following this, Dr. Patrick was appointed in the team. Besides being a professional expert in transportation having extensive knowledge of logistics, he has also worked as a professor and corporate executive in various sectors.

Apart from Dr. Patrick, the Scientific Advisory Council also appointed Dr.Brian Fugate, the Chairman of the supply chain management and Orren Harris, the Chairman of transportation, in the Food and Logistics Department. Prior to this engagement, Fugate used to work with global logistics and transportation and thus has gathered extensive expertise in logistics.

The SAC advises the members of the Global Cold Chain Alliance about the importance of implementation of the blockchain technology in the supply chain management. It also provides thorough research about increasing the competitiveness of the organizations dealing with the cold chain alliances.

Elated by the honor, Fugate commented about the prospects of the council and said,

Fugate Said