Book by BlockchainArmy Founders Reached 25,000 Sales

Book by BlockchainArmy Founders Reached 25,000 Sales

The book, written by the founders of Blockchain Consulting Company BlockChainArmy, Erol User and Ali Sina, is receiving an unprecedented response from the readers. Titled “Blockchain: A New Model for Economy” has reached 25,000 copies sales, and the number is still counting as we write and publish this development.

Content Highlight

The primary reason behind the book’s popularity is its future orientation, which highlights the importance of blockchain technology for the coming generations. Rather than being limited only to the present use of blockchain, the book elaborates in detail how the application of blockchain can go beyond the traditional boundaries and benefits community at large. Covering not only blockchain 1.0 (related to cryptocurrency and payments), blockchain 2.0 (financial markets and assets), the title very comprehensively covers the application of blockchain 3.0 as it relates to the concept of art, culture, governance, economic development, rules and regulations, health and fitness, research and development, social sciences, and the concept of human progress at large. Presenting such a diversifying viewpoint on all these important aspects of contemporary and future importance makes this title unique in its approach as well as the content.

Blockchain Book

Blockchain Technology: Future Scenario

Blockchain Technology could align the centralized and decentralized models in the future for the larger good of the community. Just like any new technology, it might feel very disruptive as of now, but in time, blockchain will enable a whole new ecosystem, which will ensure that innovations and conventional methods co-exist to enhance efficiencies and deliver effective services across the sectors of the economy.

Just like today, we are witnessing the coexistence of radio, e-books, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., blockchain technology has the potential to help both centralized and decentralized systems coexist without threatening each other’s existence. The tremendous response shown by the readers to the book is a testimony to the fact that interest of the masses in the blockchain is on the rise and although this distributed ledger technology still faces a number of challenges (including the one related to its evolution and technology upgradation), there is no denying the fact that blockchain will become mainstay technology in the future.

So that you know, BlockChainArmy is a global consulting organization excelling in the domain of providing effective and efficient blockchain solutions with a presence in more than 20 countries across the globe.