Celo Foundation and tBTC Partner to Power Bitcoin Adoption

Celo Foundation and tBTC Partner to Power Bitcoin Adoption

tBTC is one of the credible names among organizations that offer Bitcoin (BTC) users a facility to use Ethereum blockchain. Now the company has announced a partnership with the Celo Foundation to bring BTC on the Celo mobile platform. For your better understanding, Celo Foundation is a non-profit organization working to develop an ecosystem of a vibrant and dynamic mobile-enabled blockchain platform. This partnership is also expected to allow BTC to be used in the formal process of collateralizing cUSD and launch some other upcoming stable coins.

Finer Details

The Celo foundation’s focus is on the development of a platform that will be well suited for the mobile users’ needs. This particular aspect has made the tBTC an obvious choice of collaboration for Celo. The distinctive competence of Celo’s mechanism is its light nature which allows users to fully sync with the network even with limited internet connectivity access. Through this collaboration, analysts are expecting that around 6 billion mobile users can access BTC in a non-custodial and permissionless manner.


This particular decision of launching tBTC on the Celo mobile platform indicates the burgeoning nature of decentralized finance. The segment is witnessing a host of new launches and Celo is leading the space with its ultralight client, ease of access, and user-friendly interface. The decentralized finance sector has tremendous opportunities. It has grown leaps and bounds in the past and if the current growth rate is anything to go by, we are standing at the cusp of a wonderful revolution that will facilitate the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology’s adoption on a broader level.