Contentos Joins Hands with FLETA for Blockchain Adoption

Contentos Joins Hands with FLETA

FLETA, a well-known player in the field of blockchain technology commercialization, is collaborating with Contentos. In the industry, FLETA is known for its distinctive capabilities, such as the immense potential of scalability, fast transaction per second speed, and affordable nature. These are also primary reasons why FLETA is immensely popular among developers and users. Its credibility is further cemented by the fact that the project was selected as the PoC project in the blockchain domain and got the support of the South Korean Government in the year 2019 as well as 2020. Besides, FLETA has a long list of credible projects in its kitty, such as Origin Protocol, Chainlink, and Neo Matic Network.

This partnership aims to widen the customer and client base of both organizations by using each other’s ecosystem of products and services. Specifically, FLETA is aiming for an extra chunk of clients by promoting and advertising its potential through several marketing events that will be broadcasted by the Contentos network.

Commenting on this association, the Chief Executive Officer of FLETA, Henry Hong, said that this particular association will produce dividends in the field of content creation and preserving publication integrity. By offering innovative use of blockchain technology to solve some of the contentious issues related to copyright infringement and distribution of the revenue, every stakeholder in the society will benefit from new ideas of this partnership.

Both organizations involved in this partnership intend to apply blockchain to an altogether different level and manifest it in diverse business fields in the time to come. The commercialization part is important, and if this collaboration turns out to be a success, it will lead to companies coming with more such associations in the times to come.