Darkpool Protocol Claims to Offer Better Security than Centralized Darkpools

After extensive research in cryptography, the Darkpool Protocol team has designed the decentralized platform to ease the exchange of Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and BTC via decentralized Darkpool.

The team has studied thoroughly to make the multi-party computation secure and further match up with the running engine on the distributed hidden order book. The platform provides support to the cross-chain trades through atomic swaps and economic incentives that make the platform more efficient.

The Darkpool Protocol offers better security than centralized dark pools and exchanges, eliminating the risks related to the crypto theft and confiscation by any central authorities.

The platform enables trust between investors that place block orders and dark pool exchanges. Apart from offering robust security, the Darkpool Protocol is available with complete transparency of how the protocol works.

Darkpool is a private financial forum that provides security trading services, enabling institutional investors to make trades without exposure until the business has been reported. 

Darkpool was established in 1980 when the Security Exchange Commission permitted the brokers to make transactions via a large block of shares. Various types of Darkpools are divided into different categories, like an independent and privately owned exchange.

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