Dash Tries to Maintain a Stable Momentum

Dash Coin
  • Dash price has been able to manage itself above the baseline for a major extent in the past 5 days

Dash had started trading in the year on a low note but this did not stop the price of DASH from moving up the ladder in a slow and steady manner. With the onset of the bearish trend in the market, Dash price started going below the baseline. The past 5 days, however, presents a better picture of the price movement for the coin and shows a movement in the range of $67–$72.

DASH Price Analysis:

Dash has been able to keep its price above the baseline in the ongoing bearish crypto market as seen from the 5-day price chart. From the trading price of $69.8763 on Oct 12, the price of DASH went up to $72.1096 on the same day, showing a jump to the extent of 3.20%.  By Oct 13, the price had fallen to $70.4839, the downward movement being to the extent of 2.21%. On Oct 15, the price of Dash had a recovery at 2.80% at $72.4873. Then, on Oct 16, with the bearish sentiment continued in the market and the price of Dash fell to $67.6594. The current trading price is $67.2968 which is lower to the extent of 0.54%.


Dash price has been mostly under the bear radar since the month of July when the crypto market volatility set in. This trend is expected to continue for the short term and the price of Dash is expected to go down even further. Analysts are, however, positive about the coin and expect it to bounce back by the end of the year. Currently, it is the right time for investors to opt for a long-term investment option. Short-term and intraday investors can make gains if invested wisely.