Dogecoin Moves with a Flat Action in the Market

  • Dogecoin (DOGE) against USD trading at 0.002381
  • DOGE vs. Bitcoin trades around 0.00000028 BTC

Nova exchange has shut its business down, and several DOGE traders are a member of the exchange. In order to consolidate those traders, the exchange has given time duration of one month for the withdrawal of the assets. Further, DOGE Racer 1.7, the game developed by DOGE chain, can now be purchased by using Dogecoin. A lot of new features and improvements have also been made. Some new features include DOGE Racer VR, new login system, re-added Dogecoin mine with lots of changes, new Dogecoin tire customization, respawn button added and many bug fixes.

Dogecoin Price Analysis:

On September 14, Dogecoin was trading at 0.00249 USD. However, in a period of 25-days, the crypto has gone down by 4.37%. Nonetheless, in the weekly trading, it showed a marginal strengthening of 1.82% from its earlier price of 0.002337 USD on October 03. In stark contrast, the coin dipped in intraday trading by a margin of 1.84%. Yesterday, the coin opened at 0.002390 USD and closed the day at 0.002346 USD.

Dogecoin Price

If you look at the action in the coin, it has stayed stable besides being in the red zone. The immediate resistance for it is at 0.002401 USD and support at 0.002307 USD. 

The shutting down of the Nova exchange will affect the crypto for some time. However, this is a day-to-day routine in the business, and there is no need to be panicked. Meanwhile, the trends in the coin, especially in the short-term is bearish. Further, the long and medium terms are expected to be bullish.