Cardano Price Indicates Bearish Short-Term; ToStart Accepts ADA as Payments

Cardano (ADA)
  • Cardano is trading, currently, at 0.042596 USD.
  • Against Bitcoin, it is valued at 0.00000517 BTC per chip.

ToStart, a Japanese merchant has started accepting payments in ADA. It is a co-working space based in Sasebo City, Japan. Cardano Foundation has recently celebrated Ada Lovelace Day. On the day, they shared the secret behind the naming of the altcoin. The crypto coin is named, ADA, to honor Ada Lovelace. She was a gifted mathematician and the world’s first computer programmer.

Cardano to USD Price Comparison (As on October 09, at UTC 09:39):

Cardano to USD Price Comparison

Let’s have a look at the movement of the crypto over a period of 25-days. On September 14, Cardano was trading around 0.047 USD. From there, the coin has declined today by a margin of 9.37%. Nonetheless, the coin moved up from the level of 0.039229 USD by a fraction of 9.11% in the weekly chart. However, in yesterday’s trading, the altcoin showed a flattish action. It opened, the previous day, at 0.041676 USD and with a marginal decline of 0.56%, wrapped the day up around 0.041441 USD.  

Cardano Price Prediction:

At present, Cardano (ADA) is trading in the red zone. However, the coin has shown some substantial amount of recovery since the last week. As per our speculation, the coin will most probably be trading above its 3-month high price mark by the end of 2019. Additionally, the immediate resistance for the coin is at 0.04325 USD and support level at 0.04057 USD.

At present, the short term trend in ADA is bearish. However, looking at the recovery made by the coin in the last week, it is expected to go up swiftly and one should wait for bullish long and medium terms.