EOS Price comes out of the Bearish Trend and Starts Surging

  • EOS finally made it through extreme market pressure.
  • The traders can expect price recovery in the coming time.

EOS was going through a rough phase. The last seven days were very disappointing for EOS. The coin experienced a heavy drop in the price. Surprisingly, the coin hasn’t witnessed much change in the market cap. It looks like the traders of EOS have faith in the coin. Well, it has finally turned into reality. EOS has finally started trading upwards.

Talking about yesterday, EOS touched a high at $3.29 and a low at $3.15. The volume marked on yesterday’s chart was $1,610,921,446.

Yesterday, the coin opened at $3.2553. EOS price slipped from $3.2553 to $3.1664 by 2.73%. Later, the coin slipped from $3.2 to $3 by 4.1%. Further, EOS price escalated from $3.08 to $3.27 by 6.08%. The intraday regression was of 0.67% as the coin closed at $3.2326. Today, EOS slipped from $3.2326 to $3.1778 by 1.69%. Later, the EOS price jumped from $3.1778 to $3.2710 by 2.97%.


EOS is one of the most promising coins of the crypto market. The currency has a huge fan base. Apparently, this is the major reason behind the steadiness of EOS on the 8th rank in the altcoin market. The coming period for the EOS coin is speculated to be good. The traders interested in the coin could dig in for a long-term with a prospect of massive profit. The coming years could bring a tremendous change in the price of the EOS coin.