Ethereum Classic Price Fuels The Bulls On The Intraday Trading

  • Ethereum Classic embarks heavy recovery.
  • The upsurge in the ETC price reflects the legs.

The traders, who have purchased Ethereum Classic in recent times, can take a sigh of relief. ETC coin has started the recovery spree in the market. There was a tremendous drop in the price of the coins observed from the last couple of days. The drop was so impactful that it anchored almost all the coins down. Ethereum Classic was one of them.

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis & Forecast

Well, it seems that the storm has finally passed. We are looking forward to the price rally in Ethereum Classic. The same might take many other coins up in the market.

Yesterday, the ETC coin opened at $6.471. The coin dribbled a little but later kept the price tight at $6.377. Ethereum Classic took a deep dig when the price fell from $6.377 to $5.946 by 6.76%. Then, the ETC coin price again shifted from $6.052 to $5.777 by 4.55%. The coin closed the day at $5.981. The intraday loss was of 7.57%. Today, Ethereum Classic fell to $5.760 from $5.981 by 3.70%. Post the fall, the coin started moving up. The escalation in the coin was significant. The price counters reached to $6.331 from the opening price $5.981 by 5.80%.

Ethereum Classic has shown remarkable potential in the last couple of weeks. The coin witnessed a drastic changed in the market cap, which took it to the 16th level in the ranking chart.

Ethereum Classic - ETC

We are anticipating that the coin might trade around its 90-day highest value of $8. In the coming years, the investment would give a flourishing result. We would recommend the traders to dine in for a long-term plan.

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