Ethereum Classic (ETC) Seems to be Settling at Key Supports from One Week

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic recently partnered with Applicature, which is a Blockchain development agency to accelerate the blockchain projects with the ETC network. How is it going to affect the capitalization of ETC is what needs to be noticed.

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis

As per yesterday’s price fluctuations, ETC price was seen at the highest touch point of $6.216 at 01:01 UTC. ETC price from then dropped by 2.38% at 04:39 UTC when the trading value dropped to $6.068. Then, the coin saw an upsurge of 1.79% at 22:03 UTC with the trading price of $6.176.

The price of Ethereum Classic from then dropped to a low of $6.045 at 03:30 UTC. From then, it is slightly increased by 1.10% as of now.

Ethereum Classic Price Chart

ETC might be shutting the doors for returns as of now since it is trading in the bearish zone. However, some traders can consider this as an opportunity to earn some profits in the near future. The short-term movement, however, can be beneficial for the traders if they hit the right spot of the lowest and highest point of trade in the valuation.

But for long haul movement, traders might have to wait for the valuation to surge in the upward motion. To avoid any misfortunes in trading, consider the following calculated resistance and support levels. Considering the data from yesterday, it is calculated as:

R1: $6.12, R2: $6.21 and R3: $6.28

S1: $5.96, S2: $5.89 and S3: $5.8