Fidelity Investments Announced its Asia Expansion Plan

Fidelity Investments Announced its Asia Expansion Plan

Taking the expansion route, Fidelity Investments Inc. has announced that its digital asset services arm will expand to Asia. For your better understanding, the investment organization is counted among one of the largest asset management companies across the globe and has a total of $3.3 trillion assets under its management.

Explaining the need and relevance of their expansion into Asia, head of the European operations of Fidelity Digital Assets, Christopher Tyrer, said that there is a lack of players in the Asian market that can offer services aligned with the needs and wants of regional and local investors. This is specifically true in the case of a digital asset where people face problems due to the unavailability of platforms that can help them with their digital investment requirements.

Speaking of the benefits associated with its expansion, the co-founder of the Stack Funds, Michael Collett, opined that this foray of Fidelity Digital Assets into Asia is specifically relevant for large investors and family offices. In terms of services, the platform offers monthly audits and digital currency insurance to clients.

Noting the downturn in demand due to the obvious financial and pandemic constraints, Collett presented a very balanced view of the future while acknowledging that this 2020 year hasn’t been able to perform as per the initial expectations. However, Collett added that demand is slowly and steadily reviving, and now demand in the digital crypto space has started coming back on track.


This expansion announcement will be an interesting development that most of the crypto analysts and experts will focus on in the future with great interest. The prospective investors’ enthusiasm and response towards this expansion will also be a barometer to judge how much demand has come back into the segment while paving the way for the future valuations of both equity and crypto markets.