Founder of Huobi appointed as CEO of holding firm based in Hong Kong

Founder of Huobi

Leon Li, the founder of Huobi Group, is appointed as CEO, chairman and administrative director of the panel of Pantronics Holdings Ltd.

Li will help the company to discover new opportunities with his experience and skill. Huobi Group was founded by thirty-seven years old Li in 2013. The present executive director of Patronics Holdings, Chris Lee, has said, experience and knowledge of Li will be invaluable for their team. He further said that there had been exponential growth in innovative technologies. New technologies like AI, mobile internet, and Big Data are transforming the tradition business across the world. Skill and experience of Leon have helped to grow a successful digital asset firm so it will be priceless for Pantronics team as well.

Some of the insiders are anticipating that the brand name of Pantronics Holdings might also get altered to Huobi Technology Holdings Limited. However, the modification may echo after it gets endorsement from the Registry office of corporate affairs located in British Virginia and also needs the support of the shareholders.

Huobi group comprises Huobi Global, known amongst the most noteworthy cryptocurrency exchange of the world. They also have many other upstream and downstream commerce in the crypto asset ecology.  Some of the companies included in this are Huobi DM, Huobi Labs, Huobi Korea, Huobi Capital, Huobi Japan, etc.

Before establishing Huobi, Li was working for a company established in Beijing, Baide Yunbo Technology; the company specializes in SEO. There he worked from 2007 to 2011. After this, he joined another Beijing based corporation Zhongke Huishang Electronic Commerce, where he worked from 2011 to 2013.

Last year, in August, Huobi acquired 74% stake in Pantronics and has got itself enlisted in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company has also made a move to Singapore as China tightens its grip on crypto-related activities. The company has annual turnover of $1trillion per year. The cryptocurrency exchange of the company provides a safe and secure environment for trading to its users. The exchange has its traders in 130+ countries.