Horizen Experiments BloxJump’s First Game in August 2020

Horizen Experiments BloxJump’s First Game in August 2020

In the past month, scalable blockchain platform Horizen performed some runtime experiments on the first game developed under the BloxJump project. These experiments were directed towards driving the gaming community on Horizen, adding more fun ways for them to earn ZEN tokens. In the rest of 2020, Horizen will continue to explore BloxJump and its entire range of arcade games to develop an engaging experience for ZEN users.

The Horizen platform aims to start 2021 by deploying multiple games from the BloxJump arcade and have their user community compete for prizes in the value of ZENs. Horizen received a positive response after the BloxJump launch, where the feedback reflected high usage from its community. While a few malicious users are attempting to cheat the game, Horizen also identified those issues and has kickstarted the program to fix them.

The Horizen network is witnessing high participation from their community on actively using BloxJump. Millions of users are playing the BloxJump game, collecting ZEN coins within the game, and basically getting paid for having fun. The rewards being earned by them currently are under the scanner due to some impending fixes.

The Horizen platform continues to build an inclusive and fair ecosystem for people by allowing them to connect with the network and become a part of the Horizen community. Through initiatives like the BloxJump game, each member of the Horizen community gets rewarded for contributions.

The highly-scalable platform of Horizen has enabled Zombie Soup, the developers of BloxJump game, to grow and adapt on their own via Horizen-supported public and private blockchains. Horizen helps developers get access to the largest node network (Horizen) in the blockchain industry. The Sidechain SDK helps developers add all elements and components essential for easy and instant deployment of fully-customizable blockchain applications.

For the Horizen community, the BloxJump game is very simple to play. There are only two rules, one where you jump pillar-to-pillar with a single tap, and the other where you don’t fall to stay in the game. After crossing dozens of pillars, you get rewarded with points and get promoted to the next levels. Each level of BloxJump has some degree of difficulties, but the overall journey is very easy. This makes earning ZEN from playing BloxJump on Horizen very simple and feasible.