Hxro Games Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments by OpenNode Solution

Hxro Games Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments by OpenNode Solution

Hxro Games has integrated Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments with OpenNode, a bitcoin-only payment processor, to enable gamers to carry out microtransactions in BTC using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The popularity of Bitcoin games is increasing, and more and more online gaming sites are allowing usage of cryptocurrency.

Hxro runs games that combine elements of trading with gameplay. It has grown to over 33,000 users. Its first game MoonRekt allows users to guess BTC prices as if they were traders, each game lasts for five minutes, and the winner earns BTC. It also combines social elements like chat rooms where players can discuss their strategy.

Rob Levy, Co-founder of Hxro Games, said,

Rob Levy, Co-founder of Hxro Games, said

Cryptocurrency is increasingly being used for microtransactions in gaming. It eliminates the usage of credit cards, which may either not process microtransactions or the cost per transaction would make their usage prohibitive.

Transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain take several minutes. To overcome this, Bitcoin Lightning Network was created, which is a secondary chain. Transactions are first recorded on this chain, and the final status after many transactions is embedded on the main Bitcoin blockchain. It saves time and reduces costs. The increased speed of transactions allows gamers to enjoy uninterrupted gaming services.

Hxro Games was Co-founded by Rob Levy, Dan Gunsberg, and Lawrence Richardson, veterans of the world’s largest derivatives exchanges. Its beta-version was launched in January 2019.