Kakao’s Blockchain Platform Klaytn gets Support From Peertec

Peertec Supports Kakao’s Blockchain Platform Klaytn

The Blockchain fintech company, Peertec, collaborates with Kakao’s ongoing blockchain project Klaytn. The collaboration will be providing technical support comprising of the possession-based payment technology of digital assets to Klaytn with Peertec’s financial technology. Further, from 25th February 2020, Peertec will also be supporting Klaytn Compatible Tokens (KCT) on Peertec’s cryptocurrency exchange platform Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAC).


Peertec has been operating cryptocurrency exchange platforms, management of assets, and custody services, including B2B payment platform Peerpay. The provided custody services are currently charged for assets worth 30 million USD. Peertec has the industry’s first patent based payment infrastructure, which enables real-time clearance and deals with remittance regarding digital payment assets. 


Peertec is the blockchain-focused technology company developing technologies based on ownership, which are necessary to build blockchain infrastructure. Peertec aims to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology. They ideate to deliver the best user experience with substantial knowledge and efficiency in cryptographic security. It was very recent when Peertec announced that the custody services GROW, provided by them, will be exceeding deposits over assets worth USD 30 million.


Talking about Klaytn, it is a global public blockchain project launched by Kakao. It brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions of its users with the combination of public and private blockchains through a well-organized ‘hybrid’ design. Many highly reputed brands have been securing Klaytn, who are working together to create a reliable business platform. Klaytn aims to provide businesses and entrepreneurs to seize value using blockchain technology.