Kira Network and MANTRA DAO to Offer Superior Blockchain Capabilities

Kira Network and MANTRA DAO to Offer Superior Blockchain Capabilities

To provide fresh impetus to the development of a decentralized finance ecosystem, Kira Network and MANTRA DAO have inked a strategic partnership to further enhance their capabilities for providing holistic solutions to customers. MANTRA DAO is a well-known player in the field of the cross-chain ecosystem and provides token holders opportunities across blockchains. The agreement with Kira Network will help further MANTRA DAO consolidate its position in the cross-blockchain category.

Finer Details

This collaboration will also help revitalize the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The partnership will target different businesses across industries and verticals, which means the overall adoption of the open ledger will increase, and the number of use cases will rise at a desirable pace.

The top executives of both organizations expressed their happiness and optimism over this partnership. According to John Patrick Mullin, council member, MANTRA DAO, this coming together with Kira Network will open up new avenues of growth and opportunities for both companies. Mateusz Grzelak, founder and Chief Technological Officer of Kira Network, also expressed his delight over the agreement while emphasizing the capabilities of DAO in further enhancing the safety and security of the network.


This association will provide new opportunities to both organizations in the field of cross-blockchain applications and decentralized finance. Taking a broad perspective, this coming together will help in adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among the masses. Hopefully, this partnership will result in a Win-Win situation for both organizations while lending a helping hand to the crypto sphere to spread its wings far and wide.