LimeChain Shows its Sync with MS Dynamics & Google Sheets on Hedera

LimeChain Shows its Sync with MS Dynamics & Google Sheets on Hedera

One of the world’s leading blockchain DLT solutions company, LimeChain, is set to demonstrate its all-new framework synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics as well as Google Sheets on the Hedera network hash-graph. Hedera, which is a decentralized public network, will help LimeChain developers build and run their sync applications in a faster, fairer, and more secure way.

The new demo by LimeChain will showcase a range of enterprise-grade systems that can leverage the power of Hedera’s public mainnet and synchronized with Google Sheets and MS Dynamics. LimeChain’s announcement also revealed that the new open-sourced integrated framework would use the public mainnet by Hedera for verifying data and avoiding any public leak of sensitive or unwanted information.

The collaboration will enable multiple LimeChain entities to verify their system databases privately and share records. With the demonstration of this framework, users can get to see how the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) keeps the data records in sync with Google Sheets and Microsoft Office and the MS 365 Dynamics suite.

Several end-user companies still prefer creating spreadsheets for database development. They keep track of their IT business information and critical business transactions via spreadsheets. The information on these business contracts and purchase orders need to be secured while transferring on a blockchain network.

When companies fail to properly synchronize their ERP and CRM internal systems, the recordkeeping operations withing organizations get disrupted., Information on lost inventory, regulatory actions, and inflated capital costs can get leaked. Such high-value data leakages can be avoided with a system running on a common reference frame. A system integrated with layers of public mainnet.

The Hedera network mainnet stays on at all times, enabling companies with zero locked-out instances and a pay-per-use billing. LimeChain’s blockchain and DLT solutions can continue excellently on the Hedera hashgraph. They can level the field for IT companies of varying sizes; they can increase the participation of companies in shared economies.

The said integration framework can leverage HCS as a Proof of Concept model. It can unlock possibilities by opening up HCS to the LimeChain business community. LimeChain developers can also deliver better solutions to their customers, mainly by helping them verify data accurately across disparate databases. LimeChain and Hedera are essentially collaborating to create more benefits for bigger as well as smaller companies, catering to both business tools, ERPs as well as spreadsheets.