Lisk Marks 40% Growth Over the Last 30 Days Despite Recent Fall

Lisk (LSK) News

Lisk marks a moderate plunge overnight. However, the past couple of weeks has been quite fruitful for the traders. Not only that, but the YTD movement is also reflecting immense profit. The LSK coin looks promising for the long-term traders, as per the movement noticed.

Due to the recent decline in the Lisk price, the technicals are pointing towards the short-term correction. The current market cap of the currency is $216,044,160 and 24-hour volume is $11,231,976. 

Lisk Price Analysis

The month-long chart of Lisk against the greenback is quite impressive. In the ongoing month, the coin has outperformed. Starting from July 19, the price spotted around $1.22. The coin was trading laterally and kept hovering around the same level till the end of the month.

Since the beginning of August 2020, Lisk has registered an impressive bullish rally. The price crossed some remarkable milestones. The upsurge started from August 05, and after the next five days, the LSK price touched $1.5. Later, with a slight plunge to $1.40, the coin escalated to $1.80 on August 14. Then, it faced a steep fall, but again it picked up and retested $1.8 mark.

At the press time, Lisk price spotted at $1.729 with a lack of support from daily SMA lines. The MACD chart reflects a negative projection for the LSK price momentum. As per the current trend, the currency might face moderate correction and may fall below $1.7 mark in the impending period.