Ludena Protocol Partners with Theta Network

Ludena Protocol, a gaming social network platform based in South Korea, has entered into a strategic partnership with Theta Network, a blockchain-based decentralized video delivery network to increase the gaming exposure on both the platforms. The integration is believed to bring in more content to both the websites, thereby immaculately increasing the viewers’ traffic. It will also reduce the bandwidth cost of video content delivery, thereby improving users’ experiences.

According to the agreement, the Ledena Protocol dApp GameTalkTalk will collaborate with the Theta Network to reward its users for accomplishing various game challenges on the Ludena platform. Ludena Protocol is a P2P gaming platform with a reverse ICO project named GameTalkTalk. There are over 3 million GameTalkTalk users who will be rewarded with TFUEL tokens for watching and sharing their videos with other users within the network.

It also has over 200 game publishers as clients. Therefore, collaborating with such a big platform will bring in mutual benefits for both; the Ludena platform will be rewarding users with tokens, and Theta network will boost up Ludena Protocol’s plans for global expansion through its indigenous marketing tools. Theta rewards will also help to reduce the CDN costs (content delivery network), will increase revenues, and improve viewers’ engagement with the platform.

Ludena Protocol’s algorithm checks all the gaming information on a user’s phone and then use that information in matching the genres of the games that the users are interested in. Thus, it saves a lot of time for the users. To engage a greater number of GameTalkTalk users onto the gaming periphery, Theta Labs will leverage their existing US and European GameTalkTalk users. To instill momentum to this plan, Theta Labs will be conducting an exclusive GameTalkTalk program to be aired on the Theta TV, which has over 5 million viewers, featuring all the in-house contents of Ludena protocol.

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