NEO Price Records 6.23% Drop Over the Last 5 Days


NEO started the month at the price of $9.30 then immediately dropped to $9.13. After that, again, it dropped and reached $8.96, which was the lowest price for that day. Then, it managed to reach $9.47 with a 5.60% hike. Yesterday, there was a sharp rise, and the NEO coin managed to be valued at $9.17 but could not survive at this level. The price dropped steeply and reached $8.48.

NEO Price Prediction

If we compare NEO’s price since yesterday, it is showing a price drop of 4.80%. However, as per the past performance and analysis, we feel that the NEO coin will move up and reach to its next resistance of $8.89 shortly.

As per the current trend noticed, traders should hold the existing NEO coins. Since this month has started, the coin has seen several rises and falls and has not been able to maintain consistency. NEO has the capacity to provide better returns in the long run.

NEO Price Prediction