Will Litecoin (LTC) Manage to Gain Momentum in the Near-term?


Litecoin started the month with a price of $47.01, and then it dropped to $45.69, with almost a fall of 3%. After that, LTC price hiked by 5% despite the fall and reached $48.35. On December 2, 2019, Litecoin price fell again by 5.61% and reached at $44.81. Yesterday, the price rose up to $46.89 but couldn’t survive at this level. LTC’s lowest price noticed was $43.78 in the last five days.

Litecoin Price Prediction

If we analyze the price movement of Litecoin since yesterday, it exhibits a drop of 4.96%. Currently, LTC is on the verge of recovery, and it may trade around its immediate resistance of $46 shortly. We recommend to hold the existing coins to get a long-term gain. The past five days’ price evaluation confirms that the bears have dominated the coin more than the bulls. $44.33 and $43.48 can be the support values if Litecoin remains to fall from here on.

Litecoin Price Prediction

Resistance & Support Levels:

R1: $46.29, R2: $47.4 and R3: $48.25

S1: $44.33, S2: $43.48 and S3: $42.37