Planning to Invest in a Blockchain Project? Here Are Top 10 Leading Projects in 2020

Top 10 blockchain Promising Projects in 2020

Blockchain has emerged an evolving technology growing at a fast pace. The previous year remained quite extraordinary for the blockchain and crypto community. We witnessed the arrival of new partnerships and the latest cryptocurrency trading products. Bitcoin and Ethereum managed to survive the bear market in 2019. Several blockchain protocols matured and registered attractive growth. China forayed into the blockchain race with complete force.

Additionally, the USA, Congress, and overseas central banks begin to pay close attention to the advantages of blockchain and digital assets. Amid its phenomenal growth, it becomes imperative to take a glance at the top 10 blockchain projects for 2020:


Zelwin model can be described as the loyalty reward system where buyers are allocated the ZLW tokens for all purchases. They get the freedom to transfer the funds to Mastercard or Visa accounts for the purpose of spending. Additionally, they receive options to save rewards. Zelwin also offers a vast number of goods that buyers and sellers will be able to trade from all across the globe.


It is located in London. The platform applies blockchain for linking landowners with crowdfunding investors. It permits fast and affordable transfer of land property to corporations or people. It strives to introduce technology to land property transactions and agriculture crowdfunding projects.


It has great compatibility with present blockchain technology. Qtum can be defined as the DApp Development Platform. It seeks to leverage the strength of the Bitcoin blockchain and the security of UTXO. It may soon become the getaway to large scale adoption of decentralized tech on smartphones.


It introduces the tracing power of blockchain to the real world through its in-house blockchain system, namely “VeChain Thor.” The business house will get an opportunity to monitor products in its supply chain through VeChain Identity technology.


It can be defined as a sidechain platform. It has been designed in such a way that it can work with Bitcoin. Echo uses decentralized consensus on the basis of VRF and BFT. Developers will be able to use DeFi with other networks or virtual machines, namely EVM, x64.


It makes use of the Hyperledger blockchain platform to resolve democratic incompetency that may include polls uncertainty and poor voter attendance. As of now, voters who may not be available physically at polls stations will need to e-mail in complex paper ballots. Voatz uses at least four and at most 32 validating nodes at their allowed network


It has emerged as the future of health tech. The goal of Shivom is to provide pharmaceutical organizations and researchers smooth access to individuals’ genomic data. The blockchain feels that better access to such data will help in establishing the latest and personalized medicines.


It came into existence in the year 2018. It has carved its identity as the P2P mobile lending network for youngsters. It seeks to combine augmented reality, gamification, and social networking. The main aim of Lendonomy is to discover a solution to poverty by encouraging the young generation to provide support to each and share/lend money.


The Korean company follows safe, transparent, and decentralized pre-ICOs. Deblock is all set to begin investing in several blockchain projects and support the blockchain-associated business models and entrepreneurs.

Legal Nodes:

It came into existence in the year 2018 and the London-based start-up offers Distributed Ledger Technology legal services for companies that have been using cryptocurrencies. Using this platform, companies will be able to compare the law and regulations of several nations associated with cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Additionally, the platform is equipped with a support feature wherein companies may seek advice related to ICOs and crypto.

Therefore, if you are planning to invest in some leading blockchain project, you can choose any one mentioned above. You may click here in case you are looking for more details about promising blockchain in 2020.