Polkastarter Collaborates with DIA for Decentralizing DeFi Products

Polkastarter Collaborates with DIA

Polkastarter has announced that it is entering into a partnership with Decentralized Information Asset (DIA) for decentralizing DeFi and data sourcing products. Polkastarter shared information about this partnership on its official Twitter page.

Partnership Between Polkastarter and DIA

DIA will facilitate verification, sourcing, and data utilization from DIA’s network participants onto Polkastarter’s ecosystem under this partnership.

Another aim of this collaboration is to utilize DIA as a primary supplier of decentralized oracles, to be used for ERC-20 prices. These oracles will then be utilized for the high slippage alert features of Polkastarter. The benefit of using DIA’s technology is that it will allow Polkastarter’s pools to have a built-in alert system. This alert system will warn users if current prices become too high or if a particular trade results in significant slippage.

Premier Fundraising Partner

Polkastarter will also become DIA’s fundraising partner for its projects that aim to raise funds. These projects will be able to utilize Polkastarter as a platform for public and private sales. Another advantage of this fundraising partnership is that it will allow the projects to be featured on Polkastarter’s community and be recommended to community investors.

Daniel Stockhaus, CEO, Polkastarter, mentioned that they consider DIA to be their ideal oracle partner. Polkastarter requires fast access to various price feeds and these feeds to power their high slippage alerts. Due to DIA integration, Polkastarter’s users will be able to swap in a secure, transparent, and fair environment.

Michael Weber, Co-Founder, DIA, said that Polkastarter is an innovative project. It is an innovative idea that introduces a fundraising platform that is cross-chain compatible and leverages liquidity on different networks. He added that it is undoubtedly a vital step towards the creation of an integrated DeFi ecosystem.