SOMESING to Join GroundX’s Klaytn Ecosystem

SOMESING and Klaytn Collaboration

Ground X has announced that SOMESING, which is a social karaoke app built on the blockchain, would move their Mainnet to Klaytn. Klaytn is a global public blockchain network established by Under X, which is an affiliate of the Kakao blockchain community. The purpose of blockchain technology as SOMESING, which acts as a real-life blockchain application, is to be quickly encountered and utilized by users in Klaytn.

About Klaytn:

Klaytn is a public-centric blockchain framework that offers ease-of-use development and user experience. This blockchain is focused on providing strong efficiency and flexibility for the substantial improvement of operation for mass adoption. The users can develop real-world applications with the full use of services provided and with little knowledge of crypto or blockchain. Klaytn is targeted at communicating with the people about the importance and efficiency of blockchain technologies.       

About Ground X:

Ground X is a blockchain division of Kakao, which is a famous South Korean Internet firm. Ground X trusts in the ability of blockchain technologies that can be applied in the real world. As of now, it lacks the practical-infrastructure relative to its tremendous potential, which remains a significant challenge for technologies.

SOMESING and Klaytn Collaboration:

The CEO of SOMESING, Kim Heui Bae, announced that

 Kim Heui Bae

He further added, “SOMESING plans to announce a detailed token swap schedule shortly.”

He concluded that they (SOMESING) are planning to expand their network with Klaytn that will help content platforms, such as entertainment, broadcasting companies, and much more in the near future.

While the general economy is collapsing because of COVID-19, experts predict crypto and blockchain will the next faces for a stable economy.