UNICEF is Accepting Donations in Cryptocurrencies to Enhance Transparency

UNICEF is Accepting Donations in Cryptocurrencies to Enhance Transparency

UNICEF has started accepting funds in cryptocurrencies to help children across the globe. Recently, UNICEF comes in partnership with the GIGA Initiative to help all the students globally to connect every school in the world through the internet. 

The UNICEF Innovation Fund Manager, Sunita Grote, said that the school connectivity to the students would help the students to access the data via the internet. It is the first program that is initiated with the cryptocurrency donations. The agency is expecting this program would be useful for the students.

The principal adviser at UNICEF Innovation, Christopher Fabian, said that this initiative would also help the organization in preparing for the future and safeguard other donor systems. He is expecting some things to learn so that the organization should prepare for the next decade.

UNICEF is the biggest agency that has started donations in digital currencies and has answered many questions faced by the agency. According to Sunita, the organization is continuously asked to provide more transparency in the allocated resources. The blockchain exploration will help the UN to get benefits of the new technology. 

In Jordan’s Zaatari Camp, the benefits of blockchain technology were already noticed. The Syrian refugees were able to cash out by scanning their eye retina, and show the donors that they receive their funds.

According to the estimation by UNICEF, there are 263 million children and adolescents that are lacking in learning due to their geographic location, economic issues, and many more. This initiative is to provide greater transparency in donations. 

The Philanthropic consultant, Paul Lamb, said that UNICEF is investing in innovative technology, and it would transform the humanitarian field. There is an excellent impact on the technology for the constant and significant growth of the organization. It is a great step taken by UNICEF for the welfare of children across the globe.