US Capital Global Securities Firm Offers Investors $10 Million Equity Investment in Tokenized Digital Fund

US Capital Global Securities Firm Offers Investors $10 Million Equity Investment in tokenized digital fund

US Capital Global Securities, headquartered at San Francisco, California, is establishing its presence in the world of emerging technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

US Capital Global Securities is providing investors a $10 million equities investment in a tokenized cryptocurrency fund, named NYCQ Fund LP, the first tokenized digital fund of CityBlock Capital; a press release announced the news on Monday, 29th July.

US Capital Global Securities (USCGS) is a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), licensed broker part of US Capital Global that serves as a placement officer for startup companies, investment funds, and projects.

USCGS revealed on Monday that the investment company is offering $10 million to NYCQ Fund LP, introduced by CityBlock Capital. The investment company is looking for licensed investors to support the capital, hoping a growing portfolio of the fund within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry could place them at the top of the crypto market period.

The NYCQ Fund has a stake in the popular financial technology sector and blockchain sector. The fund is designed and monitored by former employees of SoftBank Capital, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Google. The fund has holdings in major crypto companies such as Coinbase- US-based leading crypto exchange, Nomics- a cryptocurrency data company, Bakkt- virtual asset platform and next Bitcoin futures provider and Tagomi- an electronic brokerage exchange.

CEO of US Capital Global Securities, Charles Towle responded on the expansion saying,

Charles Towle says

Further added,

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However, US Capital Global did not reply to the request for comment.

CityBlock Capital

CityBlock Capital is the founder of the NYCQ Fund, a private virtual venture capital fund open to authorized US and international investors. The NYCQ Fund will not invest in digital currencies or utility tokens but directly involves in the global virtual economy growth via equity investments in startup blockchain-based firms.

About Leading Exchanges

Coinbase- is a San Francisco based cryptocurrency wallet and platform provider, allows retailers and users to exchange with new cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

Nomics is a digital asset firm that provides professional-level market data APIs for institutional-based cryptocurrency investors and exchanges. It delivers products and services that enable fintech apps, exchanges, and funds to retrieve transparent, normalized source trade and order book information.

Bakkt- is a crypto asset and crypto exchange, introduced by the International Exchange. The firm is believed to start testing of its 2 bitcoin futures contracts over its platform on 22 July 2019. The firm is supported by leading companies such as Starbucks and Microsoft.

Tagomi- is an electronic brokerage providing prime services for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto asset investors.